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Sharing Your Stories

The Telegraph station is a unique space for

people, communities & organisations to share their stories, experiences & events to the wider community. Our primary aim is to bride the gap between country & city, by illustrating all aspects of life in the bush.

People, Places & Events

Rural people are special!

Where you live, the things you do & what you do for fun are unique!

The Telegraph Station is a great way to let everyone know what's on!

Let Us Help YOU!

We are a team of professional cameraman, photographers, journalists & social media specialists, dedicated to assisting organisations, businesses & individuals to tell their stories, promote an event or bring attention to issues that concern people in regional Australia.


Location production services

We can provide full High definition production services in even the most remote locations

Local, National & International Media

With over 25 years experience in TV News & current affairs, TV & Video production - we can help to spread your message around the corner or around the world!

We can create & distribute content for TV, print, radio or social media.

Online & Social Media

Video has the greatest uptake & participation of all content on social media platforms.

By creating entertaining, informative & eye catching visual content - we get your message viewed, liked & shared more often, opening the doors to a worldwide audience! 

Every Drink needs a farmer

Next time you have a drink, thank a farmer! 

Big Red Bash - Driving Tips

Going to the Big Red Bash at Birdsville? Here are some great tips here for people using outback roads.

The Lake Quilpie

The Lake Quilpie offers unique camping, caravanning & accomodation options, on a working sheep & cattle station & just four minutes drive from Quilpie.   

Quilpie Shire

Here is a recent promotional video we produced for Quilpie Shire Council.



Here is some of our work!

Young farmers & vegetation management

Western Qld farmers speak out about how changes to vegetation management laws will affect their future.

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