About Telegraph Station

Who We Are

Telegraph Station Media has been developed by Peter Murray - a professional cameraman, editor & content producer with over 25 years in the television industry.

Being based in a regional area & travelling extensively throughout rural, remote & outback areas, I could see a real need for a social media platform where rural people can have a voice, share their stories & promote their products, business or events.

What we do

We provide content for TV News broadcasters, on a local, national & international level.

Additionally,  we are also producers and creators of quality visual content for advertising, promotion & marketing avenues.

Our Services

Content creation for TV, Print, radio & online applications.

Promotional & marketing videos & still images.

Social media campaigns.

Issue management & media training. 

Our online platform

By creating an online platform through social media to give a voice to rural issues, events & opportunities to link & connect with like minded people.

Share Your news

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